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"Deep down, I'm pretty superficial."
welcome to labelle_ava (the beautiful ava) your source on livejournal
for everything on ava garder . here you can view pictures, videos, fan art,
quotes, trivia, scans and many other things . to view all the entires please
join the community . we hope that you will enjoy your stay @ labelle_ava

we have a few rules that we would greatly appreciate if you fallowed:
» only love for ava (if you don't like her why bother joining?)
» be respectful of the other members
» don't claim other people's materiel as yours
» please no re-posting other people's work on tumblr
» you are free to post as you want
» please tag your entries (view taglist for example)
» have fun!

what you can post:
» fan art (icons, banners, wallpapers, gifs ...)
» pictures
» videos
» scans
» magazine articles
» anything related to ava really..

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